Pocket filters

Pocket filters are used as preliminary or fine filters in air conditioning, ventilation and heating installations. As an air filter manufacturer with many years of experience we make every effort so that the pocket filters offered by us meet the expectations of our customers, being the perfect choice for applications in industrial halls, paint shops, cement plants, public places (hotels, offices, banks, hospitals), and many others.

We offer synthetic fabric products in filtration categories from G3 to F9 in compliance with the standard PN EN 779:
- In a metal frame of the dimensions 20mm 25mm
- In a plastic frame of the dimensions 20mm and 25mm
- In a metal frame combined with plastic

When placing an order, please provide the following:
- Type and class of filtration media
- Frame type (metal, plastic)
- Frame height (mm)
- Frame width (mm)
- Number of pockets
- Pocket depth (mm)

If you are not sure about all the particulars concerning your filter, please send us the information from your label and the name of the manufacturer. Photos of the filter to be replaced may also be helpful.