Filter mats

Class of filtrationdensitycolourroll dimensionsthickness
G2100 gr/m2white2x20 mb4-6 mm
G3130 gr/m2white2x20 mb9 mm
G3150 gr/m2white2x20 mb14 mm
G3190 gr/m2white2x20 mb18 mm
G4180 gr/m2white2x20 mb16 mm
G4190 gr/m2white-and-blue2x20 mb15 mm
G4270 gr/m2white2x20 mb22-24 mm
G4500 gr/m2white1,5x20 mb50 mm
M5320 gr/m2white2x20 mb25 mm
for paint shops500 gr/m2white2x20 mb20 mm

Class of filtrationthicknessroll dimensions
G2Paint-Stop 2"2x20 mb
G3Paint-Stop 3"2x20 mb
G3/4Paint-Stop 3"2x20 mb
G2Dust-Stop 1"2x20 mb
G3Dust-Stop 2"2x20 mb
G3/4Dust-Stop 4"2x20 mb