Filtration Media

Filtration Media for production of filters

Class of filtrationdensitycolourroll dimensionsthickness
G2160 gr/m2white1,5x60 mb8 mm
G3180 gr/m2white1,5x60 mb10 mm
G4210 gr/m2white1,5x50 mb10 mm
M5150 gr/m2white0,7x200 mb4,8-6,8 mm
M5150 gr/m2white1x200 mb20 mm

Filtration Media for filter production / pre-sewn materials / sleeves

Class of filtrationdensityroll dimensions
M578 gr/m20,7x100 mb
M675 gr/m20,7x100 mb
F785 gr/m20,7x100 mb
F895 gr/m20,7x100 mb
F995 gr/m20,7x100 mb