Commercial Terms and Complaints Handling Procedure:

• Each product bought from our company is accompanied by a 24-month manufacturer guarantee being effective as of the purchase date (the date of issuing the document applies).
• The guarantee shall cover all technological defects occurred during the manufacturing process.
• The guarantee shall pertain to normal wear and tear of the product.
• The guarantee shall not cover products damaged during their assembly or transport.
• The guarantee shall not cover products which are improperly assembled.
• In the case of a complaint, a Customer is obliged to deliver the product to the place of business at their own expense along with a description of the complaint and technological defects of such a product.
• If the complaint is acknowledged, a brand-new product is dispatched to the Customer at manufacturer’s cost, or a filter’s purchase price is transferred to a Customer’s bank account (the Customer determines how their reasonable complain is settled).
• In the case of an unreasonable (rejected) complaint, a decision on further procedure shall be taken by the Customer – whether the product is to be sent back or disposed of – both the costs of the return shipment or disposal in such an unreasonable complaint shall be borne by the Customer.
• The complaint shall be considered no later than 14 days from the receipt of the product along with all data necessary to conduct a complaint handling procedure; the manufacturer shall make every effort to handle it as soon as possible, and all complaints shall be considered immediately.
• The manufacturer shall ensure that the parcel is delivered as soon as possible and in an intact condition. Each parcel shall be carefully packed and protected against damage during transport. The shipment pricelist does not include additional insurance of the content in the case a parcel is damaged/lost. If the standard shipment pricelist is used, the amount of compensation granted is equal to the compensation provided by the contractual carrier pursuant to the regulation available on the website of a third-party company. At customer’s request, a parcel content may be additionally insured. Details shall be agreed individually.
• The complaint handling procedure:
A complaint to be successfully filed must be sent to the address of the manufacturer. It should contain at least:
– Full name of the Customer or name of the company.
– Date of the contract which the complaint refers to.
– Subject of the complaint, including Customer’s demands.
– All circumstances justifying the complaint.
The complaint shall be considered no later than 14 days of the receipt of the complained product by the seller.
The answer to the complaint filed shall be made in writing to the indicated email address or, upon request, in writing to the mailing address.