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19 January 2017

Casette filters straight from our production line

Casette filters straight from our production line #filter #airfilter #casettefilter #filtr #filtrkasetowy #filtersinternational #wentylacja #ventilation #filtration #filtracja
12 January 2017

Smog-stopping filters

The WHO (World Health Organization)names smog as one of the biggest dangers of our times. The atmosphere in our home and office is essential for our […]
4 January 2017

Pocket filters made by Filters International

Pocket filters are used as preliminary or fine filters in air conditioning, ventilation and heating installations. As an air filter manufacturer with many years of experience […]
2 January 2017

Christmas dinner at Brainstorm Group

Christmas dinner is a great way of emploee integration and building positive relations between the employer and staff. It also provides positive benefits for both sides.
29 December 2016

Filters straight from the assembly line

A quick look at panel and pocket filters made at our assembly line today.