Cassette / panel filters

Cassette / panel filters

Cassette filters are used as a preliminary element of air filtration. Our offer includes cassette filters made of galvanized steel, plastic and a cardboard frame.

To meet the requirements of our customers, we offer a cartridge filter cartridge:

  • Pleated synthetic fleece reinforced with a metal mesh
  • Thermosetting non-woven fabric
  • Minipleat insert
  • Synthetic fabric laid flat, double or one-sided reinforced with a metal mesh

When placing an order, please provide:

  • Type and class of non-woven filtration
  • Frame type (metal, plastic, cardboard)
  • Frame height (mm)
  • Frame width (mm)

If you are unsure of all information regarding the filter, please provide the label data and the name of the manufacturer. Pictures of the filter being replaced may also be helpful.