Filters for paint shops

Andreae filters

Andreae cardboard filters are used for pre-filtration in paint chambers, cabins and walls. High rigidity is achieved thanks to an exceptional geometry, which allows for installation of the filters without additional strengthening. The shape of walls and symmetrical distribution of the filtration media holes makes it easy for the filtered contamination to settle on the walls of the filters.

Glass fiber

Our permanent offer includes Paint Stop and Dust Stop mats and ceiling filters in filtration categories G2-G4:

class of filtrationthicknessroll dimensions
G2Paint-Stop 2"2x20 mb
G3Paint-Stop 3"2x20 mb
G3/4Paint-Stop 3"2x20 mb
G2Dust-Stop 1"2x20 mb
G3Dust-Stop 2"2x20 mb
G3/4Dust-Stop 4"2x20 mb